Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bruce Bochy = Barack Obama?

So I'm watching the Giants-Cubs game last night, and watch Geovany Soto take Tim Lincecum deep for a 2-0 Cubs lead.  And I'm thinking to myself, "That's the game.  This offense can't come back from a two run deficit."  Then Lincecum walks the opposing pitcher (!), Cubs SS Starlin Castro hits a tailor-made double play grounder to Giants SS Orlando Cabrera, who promptly boots it (!!).  Now, up come Blake DeWitt (are you freaking kidding me...DeWitt?!?) who proceeds to deposit Linceum's offering on a line, threading the needle, just over the right field wall for a three-run bomb (!!!) and a now insurmountable-in-the-next-three-games 5 to nothing lead.

And I change the channel (oooohhhh..."Point Break" with Keanu Reeves...now we're cookin'!)

The post-mortem was, I expected, going to be more of the same from Giants' skipper Bruce Bochy.  Surprise, surprise...it was not.

In fact, it was not...period.

Bruce Bochy has decided he is tired of answering questions.  The same questions.  The same questions, day in and day out, as this OFFENSIVE offense of the Giants has hit (dare I say it?) rock bottom.  He wants reporters to ask the players.

After all, he has tried everything.  Lineup changes.  Meetings.  Yelling.  Challenging key veterans to step up their game.  To no avail.  It seems like they’re unreachable, the offense is unwatchable and the season is unwinnable.

Excuses are like a certain part of the human anatomy, Bruce.  Everybody's got one.  Excuses are over; it's time for change.  Real change.  Like telling these non-performing vets to grab some pine (you hear me, Cabrera/Tejada/Huff/Ross/Whiteside/Rowand?!?) and replace them with the future.  It is no coincidence the Giants have gone 10-20 since bringing in Carlos Beltran as a rental player and sending down future SS Brandon Crawford.  With an offense this dismal, the defense has to be perfect.  And since Crawford has left, the defense has gone down, down, d

So, man up, Bruce.  Be the manager.  Run the team.  You don't have to DFA these guys (though you should), but they have to be told that their season is done.  They have not lived up to expectations, and it's time for new blood.

Someone needs to tell Barack Obama the same thing.  The excuses are over, Mr. President.  Over, done, finito.  Your economic policies are monumental CRAP and need to be junked.  You screwed up.  You tried to create the socialist utopia in a country that has always rewarded entrepreneurship and risk-taking.  You failed.  Epically.  It was never going to work, Mr. President, because we are not a nation of quitters, a nation of spongers living off the fruits of others' labors.  We are a nation of fighters.  Of risk-takers.  Of men and women who believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.  And you and those that think like you, and your policies, have made it harder to succeed.  You have placed obstacles in front of job creators, and we are sick of it.

And we are sick of your excuses, too.

The Japanese earthquake...the subsequent tsunami...the European banking crisis...the T.E.A. Party...ATMs...Hurricane Irene...it's all Bush's fault!  It seems that the poor state of the U.S. economy is EVERYBODY'S fault...except yours, Mr. President.  So my advice to you is the same as my advice to Bochy:  man up.  Take the blame.  Accept that you are the primary reason the economy is sputtering.  Business, large and small, is all saying the same thing.  They simply will not hire because the state of uncertainty is too great.

You want business to start hiring?  The solution is simple:

Repeal your hideous offense against freedom and fiscal responsibility, the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.  

Trash it.  Bring about REAL change, Mr. President, by taking the economy back towards free markets and free citizens.

That will get the jobs machine growing, and ultimately the economy will follow.

But you won't.  You and Bochy are the same.  Too damn stubborn to admit you are wrong.

One additional note:  Lance Corporal Cory Szucs, who gave his left leg in Afghanistan, threw out the first pitch last night in Cleveland as the Tribe took on the visiting Oakland A's.  Class act by the Cleveland organization, and thanks to you, Cory.

Looked like a strike to me, Cory.

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